1928 Model A - future hot rod By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture and the gray hair in my ears stood up. Could it be? Yes, it is a 28 Model A coming down the assembly line. I have a 28 Model A as you might recall but not like this beauty. Mine as you may have figured out by now is 88 years old. It shows the wear and tear but it's mine and it's original. Who would ever thought that about 1950 or so these cars would be made into hot rods. And now in the closing days of 2016 they are still being made into hot rods. Yes, few cars can stake that claim after 88 years. So many guys have chopped, cut, channeled, dropped, and more into one car. These cars are history makers. You can do just about anything to them. Mine is still a four banger with a six volt system. Mine is about 95 percent original. But, many have taken this same car and made it into a street rod, or some other dream they had. Few cars can say they have been around that long and are still being tested. Yes, they still find these cars in barns and garages and still make them come alive. I know of one in Michigan ripe for the taking. It's in a remote area and in a garage full of other cars. There is even a right hand drive Model A in that barn. The owner and I cannot agree on a price. He wants 3500 and I offered him 2500. It needs everything but it's a blank slate for someone to do there magic. I wish my brother would buy it and make a rod. He would be perfect for it. So much for memory lane here. Let's get back to doing what we all love so much. Buying, building, and driving our classics. Zooks

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