1959 Cadillac bloated to slender By Mark Weisseg

Yes, the 1959 Caddy is a massive car. It also fetches up to 200k on the resale market if done right. It's so big that if you are in the back seat you feel disconnected from the driver. Clearly never a fast muscle car but back in the day enough metal and chrome to build several cars today. But the clock was ticking on Caddy and some fifty years later Caddy was nearly at its end. Sales were awful. Quality was bad. I owned a 83 Eldorado and though I liked the looks the car was terribly slow. Sniffing the end was near Cadillac had a choice. Throw in the towel like so many other premium cars. Packard, Cord, Auburn, Pierce Arrow, and many more. Or, get on a slim fast diet and take another stab at reinventing itself. And they did. The Cadillac car we know today is vastly different from this 59 Yacht or the Caddy Elvis bought his mother even though she did not know how to drive. Now, we hear rumors of a mid engine Cadillac. We hear rumors that the Corvette just around the corner will share a mid engine with a sleek new Cadillac. I am interested as I own a Cadillac SUV. In two years it will be ready to replace it. If they offer a mid engine I need to look at it very hard.

Yesterday's Cadillacs are now classics for the most part. No, not the Cadillacs of the 80's 90's and early 2000's but the older ones. And if Cadillac stays on the current track of building smaller, lighter, faster, sleeker cars they too will become classics some day. The Cadillac nameplate has been around for over one hundred years. It seems they have changed a hundred times but now they are on the right footing in order to build future classics. Let's just hope we do not lose yet another car name plate to the hollow haunts of time.

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