59 El Camino By Mark Weisseg

One must love an old hot rod. This picture brings warm cockels to my heart. I am not sure what a cockel is but its in a lot of Christmas songs. But, look hard at the old 59. Jeepers and Zooks obviously someone at some point had some fun with this. Dual exhaust, bigger tires, aluminum wheels and who knows what else. I love these older ElCaminos. I saw one late this year at a show and loved the fact the owner hopped it up but did not go big time Foose. It was a cool driver. This 59 appears that it has sat way too long. The dust is one thing but when the stacking starts it is the beginning of the end. Hopefully someone with a big red cape will fly in and relieve the owner of this car. Or, get the owner to tow it to sunlight and restart the monster and let it rip. This is a perfect cool old car. I know it will not win races or get trophies for best of show. What it will do is turn heads. People will smile and recall how neat it would be to own it. Did I say neat? Gulp, that is an old saying from the 60's but it fits with this neat car. Now, get that car back on the rack and make it safe to cruise again.

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