Author Author! By Mark Weisseg

For those of us that own a 69 Road Runner we consider ourselves lucky. I snatched this picture from a friends facebook page. His name is Wes Eisenschenk. He is an author among many other things but first and more importantly a 69 Road Runner owner. Well, this picture looks as if they lined these cars up for sale or show but it's even better than that. Back in the day Mopar was training mechanics now technicians to problem solve. So if a car had an issue that a mechanic was to figure it out in recorded time. The only way to learn is always to do it. I had a tech work for me years ago that had straight A's on every test. When you spoke to him he was as knowledgable as anyone I knew. But, we found out in short order he was worthless. He was book smart but needed help doing anything. He could not install shocks without help. We rid ourselves of Mr. Bookworm as quick as possible.

But back to the Road Runners. In the day they seemed a bit complicated at times but knowing what we know now they were not. Now today it has reversed itself. Today we have a load of young techs that never saw or worked on points, condensers, distributor caps and so on. It's all relative I guess, but, I sure wish I could get in my time machine and see all those 69 beauties all lined up. What a show that would have been.

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