Big Daddy By Mark Weisseg

I am certainly not going to write another book about Big Daddy Don. Everything has been written by now. He was one of the best of that era. But, if you don't think you needed balls the size of New York to drive one of these you need help- not me. Imagine strapping in behind that monster engine and barely being able to see the track. Th Christmas tree lights up and you drop the clutch. Flames shoot out the pipes and you just hang on. Clearly something went very wrong in this picture. I am sure Big Daddy was not looking for wooden nickels. I am sure he was seeing his life before his very eyes. Just look at this picture closer. Today's dragsters are faster and safer but the risk is still the same. Sit with a rocket and go down a quarter mile in under four seconds. The current King is John Force. He is at the end of his career and has had more than one bad accident. Now his two daughters are dragster queens. Take my humble advice. Go to a NHRA drag race. Sit as close to the track as you can. Take ear protection and hold onto your seat. You will feel the engine in your entire body and then wonder how they heck they do it. They do it because they love it. Just as you and I love our fast muscle cars.

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