Blower Love By Mark Weisseg

Gadzooks a car with four Blowers! Now, I put another picture of a car from the 1950's as an exact opposite of a engine with four blowers. How far have we come? Or, did we come too far? Lots of questions and only opinions for answers. One could say it's too much and silly for any car to have four of anything. Gasoline would flow through this like a fire hose. Is that bad if you have the money? Now,legally it might be alright but practicality is another. Am I saying it's wrong? Heck no. I like the spirit in which this was designed and built. What an amazing piece of work. Of course it's just for fun and pleasure. That is anyone's right I guess. Remember when the naysayers said we did not need disc brakes? Or who needs an automatic transmission? Or, why have power windows- it's just another thing that will break.

For those of us that like to push the envelope it's more than just cool. When home inventors start fooling around to test the impossible they sometimes find ways that make it possible. Remember the baboon years ago that said everything that was invented has been. I think it was in the 1930's or 40's. Imagine if we all just gave up and never did anything to better ourselves. We would all be driving Model A cars and airplanes would have the speed of a mule. We must keep testing, trying, failing, and never give up. Most of us cannot imagine a world without cell phones. I know at times they are a pain but they do have a on and off switch. I find it amazing that most of us have items today we never dreamed of. You know what they are. So, when you see a person pushing the envelope how about encouraging him or her? Holy Cucamonga they just might be on the verge of the next major breakthrough.

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