Bullit Candidate By Mark Weisseg

Back in 2005 I came within minutes of buying a Bullit Mustang. We all know the movie and the car chase. Yes we can find many faults with the chase but it's still one of the best chases in movie history. So,me hen I saw this Stang strapped to try back of a trailer I knew someone had a big project ahead of them. Now, what didn't I buy my Bullit in 05? I was afraid at the last minute that it would not hold its value. I was afraid nobody would care and that you can rarely ever relive something that good from the 1960's. I think I was right. I met a guy a few years ago that is a great guy. Part of his collection is a 05 Bulllit. He said when he first bought it the car stood out above the rest but over time faded. That was my worry and I was right. I did buy a 05 but I bought a black one and installed some after market items to make it very special. I still have it and still love that car. Now, this car in the picture is NOT a 2005. This is a 67 from what I can tell. That's a whole another animal. Whatever the new owners do to this Mustang they will forever have a winner in there hands. Good show on boy, good show.

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