Cool or what By Mark Weisseg

This 32 Ford should take you way back via the way back machine. This is one of the cars that started it all. Anyone who is in the hot rod world would like at one time or another to own one of these. Originals or all steels are hard to come by now. And, if you do stumble onto one be prepared to pay. Of course someone saw a way to make money for your lust factor and and now there are more solutions. Many companies across the country now build these and they use steel or fiberglass ( your choice) and can make you one. The benefits are obvious in that you get all the best creature comforts available and you pick exactly the way you want it. Of course options cost money so do be careful. But let's look at the positives. An original 32 is costly and yet a whole bunch of fun. Especially when you can say you have the real deal. But nobody is bound to take points off for your after market ride especially on a Hot summers night when you have the ac on. Me, I guess I am that odd ball. My 28 is all original so I know in advance I will sweat my rear end off but it was important this time for me to have the real deal. Either way if you want one it's easier than ever to get one. One way or another you are going to pay so just pick which piper to pay. Pretty clever huh?

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