Do you see the fast muscle car? By Mark Weisseg

Of course you don't. This picture is for all you folks not living in the snow belt. It's an older picture but like most things bad nothing has changed.

For those of us that store our cars every winter the withdrawals are awful. You see it in writings, and in person. People will always tell you when they stored there car for try winter. It's like a funeral. People will post pictures of the cars covered up for the long winters nap. I have done so. The other day was filling the bottom less pit fuel tank in my truck when I saw a newer Challenger go by. My first thought was how cool it would be to be driving my ride right now. But that quickly turned to anger as I remembered my car is stored until at least March of 2017 and this jackass is driving his. Filled with anger I wanted to go get mine but the car is wrapped up and stored after all. It made me angry. Why should I live in this lousy climate? When can I get out of here? I will be in Scottsdale this January but that week will go to fast. This stinks. For all you mom winter people - bite me. My day is coming too when the only snow I will see will be on TRE VEE.

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