Electric avenue By Mark Weisseg

On our annual trip to Vegas we always seem to land up at Pole Position raceway. We love to race. This picture was taken by me as I sat in line. Strapped in, helmet on, and a bit nervous. They are electric go carts and they are faster than the gasoline models. Yes sireeeeee. We went there for the first time a few years ago with low expectations. We left shaking, water running from our eyes onto our cheeks and a bad desire to do it again. And again we did. You really race yourself trying to beat your own time. However, what really happens is you get out there and you want to race everyone else. Boys, girls, men,women, anything or anyone strapped in ahead of you. At the end of the race you get a report card as to how you did. It's either good or not so good. I can tell you these tracks are open or opening all over the country. If you need speed then you need to do this. It is nothing like the old days. You know, sit in the cart, a guy pulls the cord on the horizontal shaft lawn mower engine and you slowly drive off. Knowing the old gas engines have governors on them you know your ride will be so so. Not today. These electric carts are very fast. Lots of cornering and one long straight a way for your passing attempt. Of course no bumping allowed so when you think nobody is watching you take them out by bumping there corner in a corner. And sure enough- off they go and out of the way. Now, these cart facilities have night racing and clubs. Once you figure out the line to take these carts are fast. Once when I thought I was really rocking along two veteran racers passed me like grease through a goose. I found out later they knew the line to take. So, look on the Internet for your track in your area and race. It's a blast baby.

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