Father Time By Mark Weisseg

Here we go again. I started putting away the cars and trucks yet again. It just seems like I took them all out and prepared them for driving. Now, here I am preparing them for a winters nap. Two vehicles are missing yet. The weather has been so good of late I held back my Mustang GT. I barely drove that hot rod this year once I purchased the Shelby Cobra. I really missed using that car. I drove it home Saturday night after a family dinner and loved it. I don't like driving them at night but the dash was a light blue, the exhaust was humming along, and I had fun running her home. The GT will go to storage this weekend however as Father Time has caught up. The stupid idea to move the clocks back an hour certainly did not help. But with temps in the 50's now I can see the hand writing on the wall. Gadzooks I dread this time of the year. The 1928 Model A has hit a few bumps in the road per Se. Craig decided to pull the oil pan off to peak inside after the car sat for so long. No problems seen but the oil pan gaskets come in four pieces and is only half here. Yep, two pieces here and two back ordered until the end of this month. So, he will work on the headliner and doors in the meantime. A few other minor details to attend to as well. We had plenty of time to discuss this project in Las Vegas as well as a scooter he has for me and a carb rebuild kit. The carb kit is a back up for the Road Runner so no big deal. The scooter is just one more toy I don't need but I have it. So, we are back from SEMA full of memories and now must endure yet another winter. The plan is to go to Barrett - Jackson in January and that should help break up the bs. I also have a big double super secret to tell but I cannot say or write anything for another few weeks. But I will say it's related to our great hobby. In the meantime watch for more thrill packed articles. Gulp.

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