Finders Keepers By Mark Weisseg.

The finds keep coming in. For all the naysayers that claim nearly everything has been found here are two more for you. The one on the trailer is a 1965 Dodge Coronet Convertible. Lots of Coronets built but not that many drop tops. It could have the slant six or a 318 or something much more meaner. Doesn't matter really as this car is cool. Someone will bring this back to life and it will be sweet. Obviously a ton of work to do but Lordy Lordy it will be worth the work. The other car is a bit different. It might be one of those cars that you find and you do nothing to. What is it? A Mercedes that's all. It would take you years and truck loads of money to restore it so this is one of those rare cars you might leave as is. I sure would. I don't like trailer queens but this one would get a great enclosed trailer and a security system. Klunk, what a find.

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