Gems are not always Diamonds By Mark Weisseg

Yes sir at Mecum in Chicago this year I saw two Buick Grand Nationals sell for about 14k. I see them advertised locally once in a while in the low 20's. No, not the GNX, that's a bird of another feather. But I looked those to Grands over and 14 was a steal. I should have ( kick myself ten times) bought one of the two. I will return next year better prepared. The red car struck close to home. A guy is rebuilding this beauty from the bottom up and said he would not be ready for the road until late 2017. Why? He wants it right the first time so he is taking his time. Hats off to this cat. From what I read and saw here this guy is doing it right and on his schedule. No hurry up offense here. When it's ready, it's ready and I love that attitude. Best wishes to him. The last car is the sleeper. Those Darts,swingers, Scamps or whatever you have are always overlooked. Big mistake. Those cars are so light weight one could drop anything in under the hood and have a rocket on wheels. If you pull up alongside one and think the poor slob has a 70 Dart and that's all you might get a shock. I love these little Mopar's of that era. They can be such a great sleeper until you wake up in his dust

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