George Barris and more By Mark Weisseg

Yes, from George Barris, to Richard Rawlings, to loving a pole I have thoughts. Barris was considered to be the King of customization at one time. Today, it might be one of his students, Chip Foose. The car you see in the picture was used in the Tv show , The Munsters. Grandpa Munster had to drag race his coffin car and win in order to get back the family car Herman lost in a drag race. Corny show, lots of laughs but if you can watch it do so for to drag strip scenes. They are pretty cool as this show was done in the early to mid 1960's.

The next car is owned by Gas Monkey hero Richard Rawlings. It's his own personal Shelby and he claims no matter what he is keeping this car as long as he can. He owns quite a few cars these days but says there is nothing like driving a Shelby from the 60's. He's right.

Lastly, we have seen pole dancers, and heard of the North Pole but this el crapmino found a way to love a pole. A terrible accident from way back I found. I do not know any details other than a lot of speed was involved on city streets. If the driver lived he or she should attend church daily. If they did not survive I hope they are warm and comfortable and not burning hot in hell. But that accident must have been a whopper to see in person. It's just another lesson not to race on the streets. Go to the track or take your energy out another way. I bookmarked a web site now that displays pictures of bad accidents. Not to be gruesome but to be real. Real about the privilege of driving and doing so in a safe manner. That means no texting, eating, applying make up, or even talking on the cell phone while driving. Use your noodle folks. No, not the one below your belt.

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