Hay, did you see the car.... By Mark Weisseg

This comes from a friend of mine that works in the Washington Pa area from time to time. Jarrod is a big car buff but with four young children his hands are tied for a while just feeding them. His turn will come. We all had to wait our turn. But with the stupid Halloween holiday if you will fast approaching it is of critical timing we get our straw and strap it on to our car. Not to have straw on our front yard along with several blow up scary creatures would be shameful. I mean the kids could not attend school and the adults who are collecting welfare checks certainly could not show there faces the next time they bought a big screen TV. Thankfully the chances of these bird brains getting into our hobby is slim. They prefer big screen TEE VEE's and blow up characters in front of the trailers they live in. They would never waste our money buying classic cars let alone fast muscle cars. Whew!

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