HoJo's By Mark Weisseg

Boy oh boy. For those of us that grew up in the USA this place was the staple. We called them HoJo's for short but they had everything. You could get a comfortable room, eat food, get a map, or just have a friendly conversation. It was a safe, clean place to go and millions went. They used to be on turnpikes and highway systems or close to the main roads. Employees wore uniforms and were friendly. That had small stores to buy knick knacks in and maybe even some ice cream for the road. Some HJ places even had a pool. It was the best. Now, few if any survive. What a terrible shame. What happened? We loved these places. Well, for a host of reasons from bad management to being replaced by newer, quicker places and so on. But for anyone who was a driver or a passenger this place at one time was a welcome site to see. I miss them.

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