How to be a great loser By Mark Weisseg

We have talked about this before. This is a Nova and it might be a SS but I doubt it. It's too easy today to buy decals or emblems and put them on nearly anything. But where is the loser factor here? It's a Nova. Yes, but the dumb cluck put it on a four wheel drive frame. Yes the workmanship is difficult, yes it's different, but the loser is the builder not the car. Take that same Nova and restore it and you have value. This four wheel drive Nova lacks any sensibility at all. Who would really want to drive this long term? I have seen these terrible mistakes before and usually within two years it has a four sale sign on it. The builder loses his ass and the market is razor thin for buyers. Niche cars will do that. Usually after the public sees this buggy they smile and say it looks cool. But, nobody other than a 17 year old would really want to be seen in this shit box. Please, use your noodle and rethink this. You would be much better off restoring the mighty Nova to what it was rather than what it should never be.

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