If it were mine By Mark Weisseg

I just told someone over the weekend that statement drives me nuts. I cannot tell you how many people over the years have come up to me to admire one of my cars only to say. " well, if it were mine I would" and they proceed to tell me how they would change things. Finally after years of biting my tongue I got the courage to say the following. " why don't you buy one and do that"

Usually I get dead silence and that is what I want. You see I bought this exact car this year only in a dark blue with white stripes. The car is amazing in all ways but I ran into Mr. If it were my car already. How frustrating. I certainly never openly criticized someone else's car. If they ask my opinion I give it. But, to walk up cold and just start telling me what you think I should have done while you drive a 81 Dodge Miranda, I want to rip your ears off. I know other hobbyists have been through this as well. I have been told the stories and there seems to be no good solution to the morons who don't own a fast muscle car but want to tell you how to do it. Most of them are clear cut losers who will never own a great car. But they think there opinion is valuable. Ignore the stupid, push away the ignorant, and do it your way my friend

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