I'll say it again By Mark Weisseg

I am not a kit car guy. I never was and cannot imagine ever buying one. Now, I understand us regular folks will never be able to buy a real Cobra so this is the best second choice. I get it. However, I see an awful lot of these for sale. Why? Well, let's see. No top, average power, plenty of them out there, everyone knows it's a fake.... That is what tipped the camels back. Do you bring friends over to look at your fake Picasso? Or, brag about a reproduction of a Monet? Of course not. How about two dollar wine in a a bottle reserved for the best? Nah. So, why have a fake car? Now that ought to get the hate mail working. You see I love the Cobra and I love plenty of other super cars. But, do you see replica Lambo's on the street, or a reproduction Ferrari? Unlikely. You just come to terms that there are certain things in life you cannot have. Do you see fake Gulfstream G550's. Nah. Only the super rich can afford to have them. Just like mansions, castles, and a real Rolls Royce. It's life. You can work hard and obtain some of those items but at some point you need to understand who you are. You are a classic hot rod guy. Clearly nothing wrong with that. The real deal in life is you don't go out for a night with the boys and smoke one hundred dollar cigars. Or five hundred dollar brandy. Or wear a thousand dollar cologne. They would laugh at you. So, why try to impress with a car that everyone knows is a fake? Just roll back into your own skin and be who you are. It's ok to be a regular person. I drive American Hot rods. Nothing fake about them. They are what they are. I am who I am. It's simple.

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