It cannot be denied By Mark Weisseg

When you look at these cars it just warm your cockles. I am not sure what cockles are but I have heard that expression my whole life. But even you non Chevy lovers must secretly admit the 55,56, and 57 Chevrolets will go down in history. Go down as what? Well, popularity, sales, likability, restorability, and any other category you wish. Lots of people fawn over the 57 for good reason. It's not a 58. Pee U. But I love the 55 and 56. At one time I never gave them a second look. Maybe it was the movie American Graffiti but I know as the years wore on I began to like them. Now, I treasure them and want one. I see them selling nice ones for mid to low twenties locally. Of course I have seen them at 100k too. Those are too pricy for me and generally are over done for my tastes. I like them simple and straight forward. I have a former co worker friend with one and I really like his. Again, I hope to add one to my stable at some point. The difference today versus say ten years ago for me is this. Now I want to keep everything and not resell anything. I am always full of regret when I sell so I decided to stop that once and for all.

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