It's all about the lines By Mark Weisseg

I love lines. Except standing in them. The lines of a woman, the lines of a car, the lines of a bullet train and so on. These two pictures are all about fast muscle car lines. Let's start from the bottom where most of can relate. That cool looking bus is a Brice. Generally used across the pond but just look at those lines. The entire bus is a window washers nightmare. The lines are smooth and the bus will be forever remembered as a futuristic people mover. Unlike ghost double decker toasters in wheels we all remember. And now the car. Lines, lines, everywhere lines. The swoop, they flow, and they make a statement. Who wants a box on wheels? Most of us fast muscle car guys and gals want sweeping lines. Something that looks cool. Don't believe me yet? Look at some old style front grills. The 32 Ford Grill or the 34 Plymouyh. There are endless examples of grills, bodies and other structures that are sleek and futuristic. Yes, we honor our classics such as the Camaro and Mustang. What made just these two examples so popular? Lines. Follow the lines. Why did a Corvette succeed and a Edsel Fail? Well, the Edsel was the toaster on wheels a bit ahead of its time while the Corvette used sleek lines to make a statement. Don't you just love a car that looks fast while sitting? I do. Thank the lines.

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