Jeepers the wing is turned down By Mark Weiaseg

Yes by 1960 the big wings or finned cars had run there course. Now, they turned the wings and fins sideways or laid them flat. I love it. I love this car. This was the Chevrolet that if you did not lock the key lock in the ignition you could start your car without the key. Big and roomy interior, large trunk, and under the hood was even larger. Easy targets to resto mod. Drop in about anything under that hood, lower it to the ground and you have yourself one sweet ride. Most of these started out as a six cylinder or a 283 engine. Some had a three on the tree while others had the mighty power glide transmission. Never known to be a fast muscle car until now. Now they are a perfect candidate for restoration or resto mod. Either way , I don't care. I just want them saved anyway I can. I am a bit kooky like that. I want every car that can be saved to be saved before it's too late. Between 3 d printing and all the other futuristic ideas become the norm I want a revolution of our cars to be on the road and on display. I want everyone to know we built some darn cool cars. Cars you could tell the difference between. Not bland, jelly bean cars. These new cars have great creature comforts but we can do the same to our older cars now too. And get all the eye balls you desire. Are you game?

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