Let's look again By Mark Weisseg

Monday's bring out the best in me. I want to start out strong and keep the gears going for a long week. I wish I could tell you how busy my weekend was but I can't right now. So, we will focus on the impossible. Impossible to some but a challenge to another. You all know the logic about one man's trash is another man's treasure. It's a true statement. Look at these pictures I found for you. All look beaten up, rotted out, and ready to be recycled into something else. But a smart person can spot the diamond in the rough. They look longer, harder, and patiently put the pieces together. So, the body is bad. What about the frame? Is this a donor vehicle? Is it parts vehicle? Just because at first look you see rust or missing parts doesn't mean it's over. We all know some parts are harder to find than others. Historically our farmers are known to be hoarders. What a city guy thinks is junk a smart restorer sees parts and opportunities. I guess my theme is don't laugh off something that appears to have no value. Who would have thought certain items from our early life would be so valuable today? Think of the things people pay top dollar for that you thought was worthless. Just think if you had an inkling years ago that certain items in your life would skyrocket in price. Whether it be a car, a bottle of wine, or if you would have kept that Commodore 64. I know you understand my theme now so please take your time as you hunt for your next project.

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