Mustang loves a house By Mark Weisseg

Yes, finally. We all laugh at the uncontrollable Mustangs as they leave car shows. Somehow as soon as they make that right turn out of cars and coffee the Stang takes over. Then, it fishtails a bit before it crashes into a crowd, another car, a median barrier or some other object. We all shake our heads and laugh. The whole thing even though it's dangerous has turned funny.

So, this Mustang got a bit angry and ticked off. Mad that all the other Mustangs are grabbing all the YouTube hits. So, this Mustang decided to take this matter into its own steering wheel. The Mustang cruised the streets that night looking for its target. Finally- an older home. Made out of wood. Straight shot as long as it stayed to the left of the tree. So, the Stang lined itself up and took a run for it. Sure enough the Stang plowed through the old two by fours and cheap exterior wood. No insulation to worry about either. Va Va Varoom and it's a hit. The Stang went into the house and scared the owners to death. Of course the police showed up and the neighbors ran over to see what happened. The driver got out and of course said the car just sped up and he was a hapless victim. Everyone was amazed the car did not make it to the kitchen or a bedroom. Maybe next time. Eventually the tow truck came and pulled the Mustang out of the house as the police wrote the driver a ticket. The homeowners were calling the insurance company and prayers were answered that nobody was hurt. The only hurt was that the Mustang was very hurt. Yes, hurt because the car forgot one very important thing. A camera. That is the first step a Mustang must remember before crashing. Make sure the cell phones are there and taping. Clearly this was a rookie Mustang. A veteran Stang would have known to have film at eleven of the episode. Oh well, do not fret. There are hundreds maybe thousands of Mustangs ready and willing to dive bomb a house or a crowd very soon.

Darn rookie.

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