My Corvette the Truck By Mark Weisseg

Let's hit the go button on the way back machine my friends. You know I love doing this. But, here is a picture of a mid year Corvette pulling a boat. Could you imagine this today? If you or I saw someone pulling a boat with a mid year Vette today chances are we would pull them over and slap them silly. And, for you young crowd here is further evidence that back in the good old days we used our cars for everything. Pull a boat- of course. Drive your mid year Corvette in the harshest of winters- sure, why not?

Today we only know better because prices of these cars have soared. Gadzooks they have soared. A Vette with the 327 mouse motor as we call it is 35-95k. Throw in a 427 and the prices jump to well over 100k. These are the same cars we buy today and the owner looks you in the eyes and proclaims the following. Adult driven, non smoker, never in rain or snow, driven easily, stored for the winter, and so on. And like a fresh faced fool you believe it. Just know nearly every classic car today more than likely was just another car in the garage. Think. What are the chances a 50 year old car never had any of these infractions? Just remember when you are buying one - the car that sits in front of you shining like a beacon in the night may have well been through more than you want to know.

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