Oldsmobile By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture of an Oldsmobile dealership from long ago. For those of us that drove the 442, the 88, 98, and more it leaves a hole. Never did any of us think this car company would go the way of so many others. Yes, the 442 became a joke but so did the Corvette, Mustang and Camaro at one time. Heck, the beloved Plymouth is gone, Mercury is gone, and Pontiac. It was a blood bath. I believe we all know why by now but it still leaves a hole. Hundreds of car companies failed over the years but when you see it first hand it's different. Now, I read the Buick is Consumer Reports top rated car. Gadzooks that is good news. I was sick of hearing about the great Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry. Seeing friends and family drive Hyundai's, and Kia cars turns my stomach. Count me as old fashioned but I like my Chevy, my Caddy, my Ford, my Jeep, my Dodge, my Plymouth, and more in my driveway. Yes, we have had to fight but every fight has a reason. I never forgot the veterans of the Wars and what they fought for. It is part of me. My Grandfather in War one, Dad and his brother in Two, and a friend's brother losing his life in Vietnam. Go to Washington DC and look at the memorials. Go to unknown soldier memorial, and go to the cemetery there in DC and you will leave a changed person. Long live the fast muscle cars from the 30's to the early 70's. The cars after that became fat and lazy but they were ours. We cannot rot from the inside as a society they way our cars did. Our cars rusted from the inside to the outside and became junk. Are we doing the same?

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