One of my favorite cars By Mark a Weisseg

Of course this Camaro is loved by millions across the world. So, by me stating its one of my favorites has no bearing on anything. The only twist here is the obvious. The color. Why paint a Camaro a lime green Mopar color? Now, nobody really owns colors but you must admit plum crazy goes with Mopar. So does the lime green. So, for everything I love about this car I would have gone a different color. I love this color just not on a Camaro. That is just my two cents worth. The owner may tell me to jump off a bridge but I really believe lime green is Mopar. Anyway that may be old school talk. Today the hot rods are so different that previous hot rods maybe now anything goes. Either way I would love to get behind that wheel and open her up. I would love to go through those gears and chirp those tires at every shift. That, we all can agree on I hope.

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