Plum Nutz By Mark Weisseg

Some cars we love just because they are what they are. Take a Superbird. For those that love them it's because if the wing. Color is secondary. But, let's shift gears to one of my all time favorite cars. The 70 Road Runner. I don't own a a 70, I own a 69. Not much difference as you know but I love those tail lights. Now, mix in that plum crazy purple and I am hooked like a Carp. Yes, some might same hemi Orange is the way to go but plum crazy is really the only way. When you see an older mopar and its plum crazy you just know to relax and all will be fine. I love this rocket as it stands. Fat rubber in the back to remind you that this car can light them up. Dual exhaust,ma small pin stripe up front, black interior and so on and so on. I would sell or trade my 69 in a heart beat for this ride. No questions asked. Here that tom?

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