Real men in real race cars By Mark Weisseg

Look at this race car. Look at that exhaust pipe. Look at the drivers head gear. Now, if you don't think these guys were real racers I feel bad for you. Those big balloon tires and that helmet crack me up. The whole idea of the leather head gear was I guess to keep your hair in place. What other purpose could it be? However, I will lay odds it was fun to drive. No fancy insulation, no protection, and no way to stop from dying! But, I bet the drivers could feel everything, hear everything, and as the dust swirled around them I will bet they loved racing. Now, I am all for safety but these were the times before any safety features or spotters and so on. Just race. Even the poor slob who threw the checkered flag did so in the middle of the track.

My Mother is going on 95 years old. She lived as a child near the Indy 500 track in Speedway Indiana. She remembers going to the big race every year. She recalls the speeds approaching 85 to 100 miles per hour and the news print going nuts. Why? Someone will get killed going that fast! And they did at times but no driver ever climbed into a race car then or now with that thought. They just wanted to race. Just like us children. From racing our wagons, to our bikes to our matchbox cars, we loved to race. Ice skating- race, sledding- race. And so on. It's in our DNA. And, I hope that sense never goes away

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