Ride Captain Ride By Mark Weisseg

Before I head off to Las Vegas for the SEMA wonderland I wanted to leave you with this. This is my nephews son and he was at my house recently. Like all 18 month children he is a fire cracker. He moves around everywhere and you cannot take your eye off of him for a second. My favorite is he will empty his toy box all over the floor and then play with something totally unrelated. Well, the weather was good so we took him and his cousins outside to play in my trucks. We stuck this little one behind the wheel of the 49 Chevy in hopes it sticks. I would like nothing better to have this future generation grow up loving cars and trucks. Not the toy kind but it's a start. I have four of these grand nephews now and they are all boys so far obviously. I hope to influence them in many of the right things of our world but I really hope they love cars. There futures are limitless at this point and they have years of influences ahead of them. My hope is that they will want to know more about our classics some day as our classics will be there antiques. Who knows what they will drive or ride in 18 years from now. If I am lucky I will see it and embrace it but never lose sight of what my love is. Our fast muscle car. The combustion engine might be a thing of the past someday in the future but I will strive to keep it alive and well in my world. I want them to embrace there roots and know what we did today hopefully ensures there well being someday. They may laugh at us or maybe they will embrace us but only Father Time will know for sure. I am sure that SEMA will have new opportunities and ventures that are on the cutting edge. I will keep an open mind as long as the future shapers keep an open mind to the roots of all of there ideas. Amen

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