Rock and Roll By Mark Weisseg

Man what a ride! We all have heard that or said that more than once. This old school hot rod would be a blast to drive. Either you love these hot rods or hate them. I love them. The louder the better. Squeeze your big rear end into this and slouch down a bit and let the clutch out. Smoke those tires as you leave too. Now to the camper in the picture is old school too. Imagine this rod pulling this camper down the road? I can. What a sight to see this. If you want attention you would get all you desire. After driving the rod you would climb into that camper and stretch every inch of your body. Why? Driving this rod would take some time out of your life. Bent over driving with your left arm out the window, wind blowing your hair all over the place. Man, this is living! Where and how do I sign up?

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