Save the last dance By Mark Weisseg

Yes sir my fellow gear heads. If you have solvent filled hands, cracks in the skin and a sore back, and a little less money than you want you are officially a gear head. This Dodge Charger was found in a well kept garage recently. One of those I will get to it someday cars. The stacking has begun and it looks like someday is a long way away. Life gets in the way many times. No fault of the owner. I know I have about a half dozen things I should do but unless it's on fire it can wait. I am however starting a non car project this Saturday. After years of putting it off I finally found myself an old wooden phone booth. I wanted one for years but always talked myself out of it. But, just recently I found a guy on Craigslist who had one and got tired of it sitting. They are big,heavy and awkward. So, I bought it of course. My young nephew wants me to teach him about wood working and how to restore items. So, it is a great project he and I can do together. He learns as I teach him and I get free labor. Yes, I already have the plan on how to do it and even the pay phone to go in it. So finally I will get off my butt and start this coming weekend. No easy task but with two of us at it we will be done by Christmas. I wish my car projects went like this. But getting back on the car track he also wants me to start teaching him the ins and outs of the fast muscle car hobby. I gleefully will do so. It will jump start projects long in the making. I may buy another car just so I can do a hands on with him as well. Nothing is better than banging your head off the frame or ripping open your skin while air chiseling. I will find out fast what he's made of. My hunch is he is ready. He's smart and young. A perfect candidate for the entry door into our world that has had a grip on me for over 40 years.

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