See the USA in a CHevrolet By Mark Weisseg

Now this is more like it. Someone towing a really cool 51 Chevy home to be restored. Prefect car. Love that long swooping slope in the back. When you sit in the backseat area you feel separate from the driver. It's a great car to restore and a great car to resto mod. You have yards of room under the hood to drop in about anything. This car looks very solid and as we all know that is a great way to start. I wish these restorers all the best. It will be a fun, hard project but one with a ton of rewards. Give it a year or so and this hunk and I mean hunk of steel will be driving along our roads again. I envy these folks as we don't see many of these anymore so they have themselves a real class project ahead of them. Best of luck and do it right!

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