SEMA One By Mark Weisseg

Okay, I promised you I would start off with some SEMA Stuff that may interest you muscle car guys and gals.

First off, the picture of the 1967 Camaro stopped us dead in our tracks. It is the very first Camaro ever built. I took a picture of the car, the six slapper engine, and the plaque verifying that this is car number one. Yes, a six cylinder with a three speed on the column. It must have been a sight to see in 1967 in that gold color. The car is perfect. And to know that this car started the Camaro lifestyle was cool. Who knew back then what would come to the Camaro lovers in a few short years. Big engines and lots of torque along with fantastic sales were right around the corner. So, we enjoyed seeing this number one as did many other people.

Now, the picture of the four tires is something completely different. These tires were only used three times! Yes, at the drifting track on site they had the Ford Focus RS, the Shelby Ford Trucks, and of course the Mustangs. These hoops were used three times at ten minute increments to burn out and drift. Then the car would be brought into a staging area where the tires were changed and the car looked over. This went on all day, every day. Of course the General Motors folks had there own track set up behind the building using Corvettes, Camaro's and trucks. One could hear squealing tires and the smell of burning rubber in the air outside. We thought we died and Heaven looked and smelled like this. Now, I understand the picture of the drifting is not so good but they keep the onlookers back a safe distance. A good quality camera is needed or just go to You Tube and see it for yourself. The Ford track was surrounded by tents,trailers, cars, trucks, motorcycles, TV stages, and much more. One could just stand outside all day and night if you don't tire of watching this. The vendors were all top notch and we enjoyed the sunshine and the fun as much as possible.

In my next article we will go celebrity hunting and I will show you who we bumped into and spoke to. You will know all of them and I hope you will like what we did. It was a thrill.

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