Shelby garbage By Mark Weisseg

Yes, that headline will get me hate mail. But, when I went to the Shelby museum in Las Vegas they have some of these on display. Anything with the Shelby name is represented there. But, this four cylinder Dodge is the bottom of the barrel. Yes, I was alive and well when they introduced them. Yes, I was aware that Shelby and Ford had a falling out. Yes, I am aware that Chrysler Corporation at the time would do anything to increase sales. And here is one example. Years later Mr. Shelby said quietly he regretted this move and that as long as he was alive his name would be on a Ford. Today I do not think Ford would let that name be taken away again. This car shown here was somewhat fast back in the day. Yes, only four cylinders but back then everything was choked off. So, Dodge Shadows, Plymouth Lazers, and cars like this were considered fast and nimble. They were also considered bad cars quickly. Thankfully this experiment did not last long. Today Shelby is home at Ford. However, after I saw that the Shelby people sold the first ever AC Cobra for millions of dollars I am wondering. Wondering if there is not turmoil in Vegas. I wonder how many people really send there vehicles out there for the 35-50k transformation. I know I wouldn't. One can buy a sweet Mustang right off the Ford parking lot that will propel you to the back of the seat. Stay tuned on that segment as I got a feeling something is amiss. We shall see.

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