Some days are better than others By Mark Weisseg

Some days you feel all the hard work you did on your fast muscle car just came off the rails. I understand that. And, it seems always to be minor things that drive you nuts. In my latest restoration it's a oil pan basket and a set of ignition points. My god I can buy a complete engine or transmission but a gasket- no. I can buy a Carburetor or a entire distributor but a lousy set of three dollar points? No way. Back ordered and back ordered again. What was the middle of November turns into mid December and then late December and now mid January. So,mi started looking for a new source- again. I am tired of these car parts people bragging thy have thousands of parts in stock waiting for you to order. Next day shipping. Blah blah blah. It's all bs. This car can be done in December if only I can obtain a few parts. These are not obscure parts now. An oil pan gasket and a set of points??? Jiminy Crickets and Crimanese. So, I wait. So, the project is off the rails again. Not because of me or my restorers. Because of liar parts companies that claim one thing but do an entirely different thing. I feel your pain. I know many of you are off the rails right now on your projects. If it's your fault than make that resolution to get back on track. If it's the liar parts suppliers,mind another source.Gadzooooooks.

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