Thankfully By Mark Weisseg

Yes, thankfully I am not color blind. Over the summer a great friend told me how grateful he was that he could see and hear. I thought on that and he was and is right. Even though I think the colored high beam headlamps is a dumb idea it's not my car. But it's hard to imagine not being able to see our classics. The beautiful lines and colors. The options we so adore. The noise we make with our open pipes and so on. Imagine never seeing a 63 Corvette? Or a Road Runner? People have a tendency to say things like, " did you see that"? Or, " did you hear that". All very normal things to say without much thought. I think back at times of me as a young guy spinning wrenches to make a living. I will not bore you with the stories but I will tell you this. I am lucky I can see and hear today. We did not use safety glasses back then. Or hearing protection. Or chemical exposure. Nothing. It was long before the awareness of the dangers. I came very close once to losing an eye. A pry bar broke and I stuck the skinny part in my face right below my eyeball. Lucky. One half inch or less and it would have put that steel bar into my cornea. And hearing- well I am a bit hard of hearing and that must be from years of air grinders, chisels, and so on. Today, guys and gals wear hearing protection. If they don't shame on them. So, thankfully I write this article with some regrets but we cannot change what was. But it all circles around to what I wrote earlier. Can you imagine not seeing our classics? Heaven forbid.

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