The 1968 Plymouth GTX almost for sale By Mark Weisseg

Studying this GTX was easy. The car is a mess. To take this project on one would need a lot of patience and money. I guess you would need to stand back and really access the situation. Where do I start? What do I do first? Geez I have so much to do. But that really is the second issue you will have. The first is buying the car. You see the owner is not selling it in the normal sense. The normal sense is putting a price on the car and let the comers come. Whomever brings the most money buys the car. Well, this guy put a switch on that process. He is auctioning this car. Sounds like a reserve from eBay and maybe it is. But, he has a reserve he won't disclose and now he intends to stand back and watch the hordes of people come in. Then he expects to stand up front like a king and determine who brings the most money. Not all that unusual I guess. He certainly could have gone the eBay route but he's going at it alone. With all the web sites out there I guess he figured why pay eBay. I will do it myself. Time will tell if he is on to something or a full fledged kook

What do you think? The car is a mess but it looks like most of it is all there. Is it worth the stance he is taking? Or, will he bomb out and crawl over to a eBay or Craigslist and just sell the car. My gut is telling me he is afraid to under sell the car. Meaning advertise it for 7k when someone out there was willing to pay 12k. Well, we will see if this works. In the meantime keep finding these cars and keep rebuilding them.

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