Tractors are us By Mark Weisseg

How could a old tractor be a part of Fast muscle car? Well, it can't. I live in an area full of tractors and we live to find and restore tractors. Did you know the mecum's have a whole separate company for auctioning tractors? Yes. The brother of Frank, you know the chubby kid with the worn out orange cap has a brother that does Tractors. Hmm, now you might get it. Old , antique or barn find tractors are hot right now. Just like our fast muscle cars they are enjoying a resurgence of interest. So, maybe when you are out there digging around looking for cars,trucks, and motorcycles in barns don't overlook an obvious money maker. These iron horses are easy to restore , and parts can be bought or fabricated easily. I am only here to inform you. You overlook something and the wiser , well informed guy will get the eggs fresh from the chicken.

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