Truth in advertising? By Mark Weisseg

I was alive somewhat way back in the 70's. I can assure you with all the confidence I have that the new Charger did not hook anyone. They were comfortable rides for sure. They also used what they called the lean burn system. It was plastered under the hood to impress. All it really did was make the car run so it would be clean. It also made the engine a dog. It was terrible. And it got worse over the years. Let's agree the high point of the Charger was from the 67 version to the 70 version. Then the car got longer, heavier, and slower. Big blocks were nearly gone. Now if you had a 360 V 8 you were da man. Yes the car had really cool options and lots of bells and whistles. But the Charger was to be fast, lean, mean and scary. By 1976 it was an enema. A good friend of mine had a Córdoba which was a dead ringer for a Charger. Nice luxury car but that was it. And , as you know the Charger nameplate only got worse. In the 80's we laughed at it. In the 90's we could not believe a little car with a four cylinder had that name. Then even into the mid two thousands our beloved Charger now was a four door.

Kill me now. A four door Charger? What's next, a four door Camaro or Mustang? How low must we go? Sure there is hope for the future, or is there? It's stupid. FCA has the Challenger and promises to do something in the near future with another name plate you can be proud of. Maybe the Cuda will return. How about they just make a two door Charger again with the Hellcat engine under the hood. No focus groups needed. It's so simple.

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