Welcome to the real world By Mark Weisseg

Yes, this is the real world of auto rebuilding. Forget those silly shows on TEE VEE that show extra clean shops, everything stored correctly, and nothing out of place. My favorite is when they order parts and a skid or a pallet shows up with ALL the parts needed for the entire project. Now, I don't know about you dudes but I have never ordered that many parts at once. Why? I couldn't afford it!! This picture is how most of us struggle through a project. What starts out as a organized project quickly turns into chaos. Tools buried under things, parts scattered, and all kinds of things you are not really sure of. You look around once in a while and it becomes overwhelming. What have I got myself into? How do I get out of this disaster? So, what most of us do is clean up and organize a bit to make things workable again. Then it starts all over again. It can be a year or three years of drudgery until one day you push the car outside. Then, as you turn around you cannot believe the wreck you made the garage. So, you sweep up and organize again. Only to push the car back in the garage to start again until you finally finish. Once done you vow never, ever to do that again to yourself and your garage. And in a weeks time you are back to cruising the Internet. Welcome.

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