What's not to love? By Mark Weisseg

Look closely at the picture and you will see a woman dressed casually, a woman wearing a mink stoll, an old man working, and a young boy looking at the camera. The old man appears to be fixing a flat tire. But if you look at the vehicle closely you will notice it's not a Lincoln, Duesenburg or a Cord. Nope, it's an old ratty sort of pick up truck. So, are we to believe the woman in the mink drove this in to the shop for repairs? Don't you just love that building? Old tires, hubcaps, batteries,and lord knows what else is lurking. But that was the service stations of the day. The young boy is probably hanging out watching the old man and learning his trade. That is how may of us got started. We hung out and watched someone else. Back then tires had tubes and if you drove 10,000 miles on them you considered yourself lucky. I have a vehicle with tubes and liners and I can attest that they are a pain in the ass. But back to the service station. Can you imagine if we wheeled into that today? We expect luxury laden areas with the newspapers, TV, magazines, coffee, water and who knows what else. All the employees wear sharp color coded uniforms and the management teams are color coded. So, the green team has your car today. There is a service manager and he or she has assistants on the team. Everything is computerized. Before you get your car back it gets washed. When you go to pick it up its like walking into a crystal palace. Beautiful walls with pictures and sculptures everywhere. It's lit like a airport at night. Soft music plays light Jazz in the back ground. There is a greeter as you arrive. They walk you back to the leather seated waiting area until your car is brought up front. Within minutes your vehicle is there. Washed, fixed and door open for you to climb in and go. Your senses are on high alert. You feel special. What service, what a building, what a show room, what friendly people. Gadzooks what a special place to do business. As you turn out of the parking lot in your new shiny used car you feel so special. Man, what an experience! Whew. You wonder does everyone get this service? Even losers and deadbeats? So, you settle in for the drive home and look down at the dash. Sure enough , the engine light is on again. Where is that simple Cherokee service when you need it?

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