Yep, I was fooled By Mark Weisseg

I saw this picture and studied it for too long. What was this and why was this? Was it someone who had to much time on there hands? Were they paid to build this for a promotional item? Or, were they just idiots with too much time? I don't know and few I guess do. I guess other than letting it rot in a field what would you do with it? What purpose does it have at this point? Who would want to be seen in this today? Sometimes niche cars are fun. For example, if I got a call from Oscar Meyer I would answer it. If the Weiner mobile wanted to take me for a ride I would go right away. But, if this pulled up in front of the house.... Let's just say the lights would be off and we would hide behind the couch. If anyone out there really knows what this was used for please tell us. It's gnawing at me.

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