Yes, he's a loser By Mark Weisseg

By now most of you have seen this picture. At first you chuckled because it's so out of this world. Clearly it's a west coast thing as the mountains in the background give it away. I wish I understood the purpose. Maybe I do. If you look at all the Challengers on the road they kind of all look the same. Either you have the elcheapo version V6, the scat pack,or paid up for hellcat. Some Hellcat owners are mad. Other than an angry cat on the fender they look almost the same as the el cheapo V6 version. Now if I shelled out almost 70k for the hellcat I would want the general public to know. But how? The Mustang has the news for wiping out, the Camaro has the news for lackluster sales, so what can I do as a Challenger owner to get attention? Got it? Yes, put on super giant steam roller type tires and drive around on the city streets looking foolish! Zingo, that's it. I will be known for steam roller tires on a Challenger that nobody pays any attention to anymore. The Hellcat blitz is over, the public understands it's fast, but this is how I will get my ego all blown up. Yes, I will make my Challenger even slower and dumber looking than the rest of the Challengers out there. Screw the Mustang. They can have all the YouTube videos of wiping out bystanders and other cars, I will get my share by being a total idiot. Duh.

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