67 GTX By Mark Weisseg

Boy oh boy do I wish this car was in front of my house right now. I love these cars but I have never owned one. It is on the short bucket list. I want one with a 440 and a torque flight transmission. I want one bad. Why? I love the style of the car and I remember as a young gun driving one. Obviously they are in short supply today. Sure, if it had a Hemi I would be golden but that dream seems far fetched. They had big hoods, a big trunk, and big doors. Certainly today the car would not handle or be as nimble as our current muscle cars but this baby is a keeper. You see I love all muscle cars. Yes, I admit it I love the Corvette, the older Camaro, the Mustang and I really adore that short lived Mopar era. You know, the Road Runners, the Superbird, the Daytona, the Chargers and so on. It seemed to come and go to quickly but for me the 66 to 71 Mopar's are for me. My Dad was a Mopar guy so it rubbed off. He and I would attend car shows, road Ralleye's and always poked around looking at cars. I own a Road Runner from that era but it's not enough. Even though I know where there is a Hemi Superbird in hiding I am gunning for a GTX. The next time you are at a cruise or show just take a extra minute and look one over closer. The dash board is cool and I love the interior. Someday, I am going to find one. I mean it. Someday.

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