Better days ahead By Mark Weisseg

As most of us prepare to hunker down for the long winter season I wanted to remind you of a few things. If you stay busy in our hobby the time will go faster. It's time to read up on some items you have put on the back burner. Most of us have a bunch of magazines we could finally spend some time looking into. Me personally I am headed to SEMA soon so I ought to have some interesting tales from that show. Please go there if you can. It's unlike anything you can imagine. And it's in Lost Wages Nevada where the weather is great and the rest of the story stays there. Also, I am checking off a big bucket list item by finally heading to Barrett - Jackson in January. I want to reassure you folks it is really not that expensive if you are not bidding. By planning throughout the year I saved up credit card points to pay for the airfare and the hotel. The cost to get in the door to stare and drool varies but I am going to be there for the last Friday and Saturday. That will run about fifty bucks per day. Not bad in the big scheme of things. And, like Vegas this is in sunny Scottsdale Arizona in January! I also get to see a friend and his wife. We have been friends since we were five years old. Cool huh?

But, enough about me. You folks can finally get caught up on your reading as mentioned before or if you have some winter car project this is your time.If you work on that project the days go faster and the results of your hard work will be ready for spring. I just ordered some additional parts for my Model A. Craig wants to take the oil pan off and check for sludge. After all it sat for twenty five years. Typical project however. One thing led to another to another and so on. Over budget as usual and way overdue but it's better to do these extra things now rather than wait for the driving season.

Now the Nova in the picture is a favorite of mine for a long time. I tried to buy one at an auction this summer that needed a complete redo but got outbid big time. But, it looks like this. Little six banger with a three on the tree and a convertible. Of course we all can picture driving around on a summers night enjoying the cruise. None of see many of these around so that was the attraction. That is usually where my head goes. Even though I own your typical hot rod ( Road Runner) I tend to go for cars that one does not see all the time. I mean there are enough Mustangs, Camaro's, Vettes, Chevelles, and so on now. Let's bring some different action into play at times.

Lastly, I will write several articles along with some pictures of my SEMA trip. I carved out two full days there and hope to fill my brain with as much as it can take. It ought to be so much fun.

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