Blowers anyone? By Mark Weisseg

Gadzooks and Jiminy Crickets are the first words I said when I saw these monsters. Look at what is sticking out of those hoods! Jeepers when you see blowers and super chargers you must take note. Neither car ever came like this of course but if you are a builder and really want horsepower and looks, this is your ticket. Remember, the faster you can get that cold air into your engine the better that sucker is going to run. Some snub there noses at the monsters but I like them. How they can steer is another issue I guess but that's there problem. You must throw truck loads of money at these engines to be built to this standard. The chrome alone would break my bank in two. Crack, gong, and poof and I would be cleaned out. But for the ones that can do it my hat is off to you. Forget the naysayers and rock that boat. Both of these cars are drop dead hot. I love the attitude and stance of each. Don't do this trickery at home unless you really know your stuff. When you get this bug in your ass seek out professional engine builders and let them make your engine the best in town. Go for it sailer.

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