Can you relate? By Mark Weisseg

I have faith in all of you that have done a restoration. Or paid someone else to do it for you. Either way it's a big bite out of the budget. I have done a few now and bought a few already complete. Either way it is a hunk of burning love. If you are not in love with your project this bait is hard to swallow. I have added up at times what I have spent over the years and it is alarming. However, I had a lot of fun and would so it all over again. One can not regret what one has done if it brought you pleasure. Certainly between insurance, upkeep, gas, and all the other Mumbo jumbo once you are done it is a big hit. We all have heard about the guy that had to sell his prized car in order to pay for a college education for one of his children. It hurts a lot but for all his pain you must be prepared at any given moment to swoop in. I know that sounds terrible but it's business my brother. People sell due to divorce, education, illness and so on. You must have some funds set aside for those moments. Say you always wanted a Yenko Camaro. You cannot afford it. But, you hear about some poor slob going through divorce. The friendly attorneys are bleeding him dry while his ex wife is aiming at everything that has meaning to him. Here is your chance. If you had saved for that rainy day fund. If you did the Yenko will sit in your garage now. I know it sounds cruel but he is going to sell it anyway so you might as well be the one to buy it. That's business. Rock on. Been there, done that Chumley so prepare.

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