Charger ready By Mark Weisseg

Two Chargers. Now what? The 66 had a Hemi in it. The green one had a 440. What do you do? Which one do you want? That was a problem recently at a Mecum auction. I watched a guy walk around both of these cars and he was in deep. Both were beautiful. Both were going to demand a high ticket price. Both are in big demand. What do you do? The green Charger with the Magnum 500 wheels and red line tires was stunning. Pistol grip for the transmission and just a delight to stand back and stare at. The red one had the big mama hemi. Some folks out there do not like the long slope back end. It's all a matter of preference. I studied each car for a long time. What a difference a year can make in life. But what a difference a year can make in a car. Wow. The Hemi will obviously bring more money to the party but isn't a 440 enough? The 68,69, and 70 Chargers are very hot right now. Most will come with a 383, or a 440. And yes a few have the 426 Hemi. The 66 and 67 Chargers are coming on strong of recent as well. Popularity polls like the 68 through 70 but you must admit that Hemi in the red one is bait. As a side bar I did see a 1971 Road Runner here with a 440 that was appealing too. But, the body on those are bigger and bulkier than the previous model. Choices and more choices. It's like Filet at the butcher shop. How much more are you willing to fork over? The temptations were unreal and I walked away in a fog. I was not there to buy but if I were I would be at a loss. Both cars are fast muscle cars to the limit. It comes down to preference. What would you do? Huh?

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