Cutlass Convertible By Mark Weisseg

The other day I was getting my Shelby cleaned up and saw this at a friends shop. Yes, it is a Cutlass and yes it only has a 350 engine. But, this is a perfect starter car for those of you trying to break into the hobby. The engine was quiet, it ran well, and the top worked fine. This is one of those under 15k cars that nearly anyone can buy and get in to the hobby. Picture yourself cruising on a summers evening with the top down. Stereo on high, and a friend at your side. Clearly not a race car but no dog either. This car is just cool. I asked if I could buy it and my friend said no way. Why? For all the reasons stated above. It's just a nice straight car that will provide endless hours of fun. The body was straight and all the mechanicals worked fine. So, if you are itchy to get involved deeper into the fast muscle car world look for cars like this. And then- enjoy

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